Forever Aloe berry nectar

Forever Aloe berry nectar


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Forever Aloe Berry Necta fits everyone who wants a new habit of everyday life. Extremely good for those who want to keep you fresh and healthy, as the drink contains vitamin C, which helps to prevent fatigue and fatigue and to the normal functioning of the immune system.


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Forever Aloe Berry Necta fits everyone who wants a new habit of everyday life. Extremely good for those who want to keep you fresh and healthy, as the drink contains vitamin C, which helps to prevent fatigue and fatigue and to the normal functioning of the immune system. Aloe vera in turn has been used by people all over the world since the beginning of time. Perhaps you have tried a skin care product with Aloe vera earlier and are curious about Aloe vera as a dietary supplement? Then you are in good company. Forever Aloe Berry Nectar™ is already loved by millions of people worldwide.

For a sharp body och mind

Forever Aloe Berry Nectar™ contains vitamin C which is an important vitamin for both the inside and the outside. For example, the vitamin helps protect the cells from oxidative stress, but also to reduce fatigue and fatigue as well as to the normal function of the immune system. Vitamin C also contributes to normal psychological function, that is, our memory and our ability to concentrate, learning, reasoning and logic.

For energy metabolism and nervous system

Vitamin C also contributes to the normal function of the nervous system. The functioning of the nervous system is important for the body’s various parts to communicate with each other and work together as a device. The body’s energy turnover consists of two parts: the basal turnover (the body’s energy consumption at rest) and the energy consumed when our bodies work physically. As long as our intake of energy corresponds to consumption and our body weight is constant, everything is in balance. However, if energy intake becomes greater or less than the need, energy metabolism can be disturbed, which in turn can change the composition of the body, with either malnutrition or obesity as a result. Vitamin C contributes to normal energy metabolism.

For blood circulation, skin and bones

Collagen is an important protein in our bodies. The body creates collagen on its own, but production decreases the older we become. Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation, which is important for normal functioning of the bones, skin, gums and teeth, as well as the normal functioning of the blood vessel. Vitamin also increases the body’s absorption of iron, which in turn is important for your bloodstream because the iron iron is both important for blood formation and normal oxygen transport in the body.


Stabilized Aloe vera gel [Aloe vera gel (90.7%), antioxidant (ascorbic acid / vitamin C), acidity regulating agent (citric acid)], apple juice concentrate (4%), fructose, cranberry juice concentrate (2%).

Please note that the contents can be changed and that it is always the information on the packaging that applies.


Shake before use. Do not use if the seal under the lid is broken or missing.

Recommended daily dose: 40 ml, 1-3 times daily. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Nutritional supplements should not replace a varied diet. Keep out of reach of young children.

Nutritional content per recommended daily dose (120 ml):

Vitamin C67 mg84 %

*RI = Daily Reference Intake

This product is a dietary supplement. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Nutritional supplements should not replace a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of young children.

  • Aloe vera strengthens the immune system, delays the aging process, cures dermatitis, alleviates menstrual disorders, reduces arthritis pain, heals wounds, cures nausea, eliminates ulcers, lowers blood sugar levels, prevents diabetes, reduces oxidative stress, inhibits cancerous growth, heals the side effects of radiotherapy treatments, promotes hair growth and soothes acid reflux symptoms.
    This widely useful medicinal plant also lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, improves cardiovascular functions, alleviates joint and muscle pain, enhances life span and cures gum diseases. This plant has been used for ages to alleviate pain and to arrest blood during the cuts, since it has an excellent anti-inflammatory and anti – biotech properties.
    Other Amazing Health Benefit of Aloe Vera Gel.
    Look and Feel Younger
    Packed Full of Nutrient
    World Leading Products
    Just One Short Per Day
    How would you like to feel amazing, look great and be in excellent health from just one shot drink per day?
    Aloe Vera drink Gel is one of my favor supplements for getting quality nutrients in to my body This small yet powerful drinking gel is packed with other 200 Nutritional Compounds, so you can see why it is the world leading Aloe Vera product on the market.
    With a clean healthy body, not only do we look and feel better, but we are also more immune to diseases. So have a good read though to see why this would be a great product for you!
    In this product review I want to take a look at all the amazing health benefits of the Aloe Vera Drinking Gel. So lets take a deep dive in to the top `17 reason that I personal love this product and have been a regular user for over a year now.
    1 – Packed with 20 Minerals
    Through out this website you will here a lot about the importance of taking in all the right Minerals in to your body. Minerals play a vital role within your body, from building sting bones, transmitting nerve impulses throughout the body, creating hormones, and not forgetting the amazing benefit of helping you maintain a healthy heart.
    Some of the minerals that are included inside of the Aloe Vera Drinking Gel are: Calcium; Magnesium; Copper; Iron; Potassium; Sodium and Zinc. Kick start your day in the right way.
    2 – Healthy Does of Multi-Vitamins
    This impressive little shot boasts an amazing range of vitamins. A, B1, B2, B6 B12, C and E. Plus Folic Acid and Niacin. Vitamins are required to help your body to perform various biological processes.The main two types of vitamins are Water-soluble (absorb quickly) and Fat-soluble (Can store in Bile Acid).
    One important factor to take in to consideration is that our bodies can not store some of the vitamins that are included inside the Drinking Gel, so having a regular daily top-up is a great way to of keeping your body in excellent health.If that’s not enough to give you that extra lift per day then I don’t know what is.
    3 – Anti-inflammatory Excellence – Natures Natural Pain Relief.
    Another great benefit of the Aloe Vera Drinking Gel is it’s Anti-inflammatory properties. The Gel contains 12 natural substances that have been proven inhibit inflammation. Anti-inflammatory drugs are amount the most common pain relief drugs in the world, this basically means – less inflammation, the less pain and swelling in your body. Aloe Vera is 100% Natural, giving you some amazing benefits through out your system.
    4 – Super Cleanser
    Taking in the right nutrients is one thing, but if your body is having trouble absorbing those nutrients then you’ll never be getting the full effect that your after. A healthy gut is key to maintaining a health body, organs and weight.
    The Aloe Vera Drinking Gel works in the gut by cleaning the intestine wall from difficult to absorb food (Such as Junk Food). Aloe Vera helps to break up the bad foods that are clogging up your system, leaving your intestines clean and free to absorb all the essential food nutrients efficiently.
    Better Absorption = Better Health
    5. Aloe Vera Drinks Boost The Immune System
    Beverages made from the Aloe Vera juice has natural detoxifying components that effectively clean the circulatory and digestive system. The Aloe Vera is able to accelerate the absorption level of nutrients by the body, this results in a better blood circulation
    The Aloe Vera also improves the body’s nutrients levels within the cells. These healthy cells ensure that the body is able to fight off infections by strengthening the immune system. The Aloe Vera is able to neutralize harmful bacteria with the use of its antibacterial components.
    The antioxidant property of the Aloe Vera helps the body be protected by other environmental factors such as stress, pollution and more. The Aloe Vera polysaccharides are strong components against infections.
    Key Takeaway: The Aloe Vera plant is a very helpful plant when you are in need of an immunity booster. The Aloe Vera is sure to keep infections away.
    6. Aloe Vera Can Help Mouth Ulcers
    Mouth ulcers are very common and usually harmless sores that occur in our mouths. Mouth ulcers may be harmless but they are definitely uncomfortable to live with. They often occur on the lips, tongue, or inside of the cheeks. The sore usually goes away after a week or two.
    A recent study in 2013 has shown the potential of Aloe Vera to heal mouth ulcers faster than letting it heal on its own. In the research done 180 individuals with recurring mouth ulcers were given Aloe Vera patches on the affected area.
    The result of the research on Aloe Vera yielded that the size of the ulcers was decreased considerably due to the polysaccharide Acemannan present in the Aloe Vera gel. Surprisingly another study not only showed the same result but also exhibited the Aloe Vera’s ability to lessen the pain of the mouth ulcer.
    Key Takeaway: If you have a mouth ulcer, applying Aloe Vera to it will make it cure faster.
    7. Drinking Aloe Vera Juice Lowers Blood Sugar And Prevents Diabetes
    Aloe Vera has been used as a traditional medicine for various ailments for a very long time. Indigenous people have believed that Aloe Vera can scare away evil spirits residing in the body and heal the person from diseases.
    One such disease is the infamous and deadly diabetes. Diabetes is caused by either the body’s inability to utilize insulin and the other is the overabundance of glucose and sugar in our blood stream.
    Several types of research have shown that ingestion of Aloe Vera supplements has helped both animal and human test subjects to utilize insulin and at the same time improve blood sugar levels in the bloodstream. However, more research has been done on its ability to fight Type 2 Diabetes.
    Key Takeaway: Diabetes can be a really devastating disease for not just the sick but also to their family. Thankfully, it is also a preventable disease with the help of a proper diet and exercise, Aloe Vera can lower the possibility of you ever getting diabetes.
    8. The Aloe Vera Can Prevent Dental Plaque Buildup
    An unhealthy oral hygiene or unchecked oral health can lead to various gum and tooth diseases. Reducing the buildup of plaque in our teeth is one of the best ways to prevent this from happening.
    In a research done in 2014, the researchers compared the effectively of Aloe Vera Juice to the standard mouthwash chlorhexidine by asking 300 healthy participants to split into two groups. Each group was then asked to try either one of the two alternatives.
    After 4 days of the experiment, the Aloe Vera mouth rinse and the chlorhexidine mouthwash were reported to have no significant difference when it comes to promoting oral health and fighting plaque. Many other types of research also have the same result thus supporting the belief that Aloe Vera can promote good oral health.
    Key Takeaway: If you find commercial mouthwashes to be very expensive and unaffordable, using Aloe Vera Juice can be just as effective to prevent the buildup of plaque on your teeth.
    9. Aloe Vera Helps With Your Digestive System
    A weak and unhealthy digestive system is related to many diseases. A strong and functioning digestive system is one of the important foundations of health. The Aloe Vera is used to smoothen and cleanse the digestive tract and help boost digestion. The amazing thing about using Aloe Vera internally is that it helps with both constipation and diarrhea.
    The Aloe Vera helps regulate your waste excretion cycles in many ways you may need. It has been widely used by people with irregular bowel movement or acid reflux. Aloe Vera also helps eliminate bad bacteria inside our gut which promotes a healthy digestive system.
    Research have also shown that the Aloe Vera has also been shown to have anti-parasitic and anti-microbial properties. It is considered purgative on parasites due to its various nutrients and components.
    Key Takeaway: If you have trouble in excreting stool, diarrhea, or parasites, the Aloe Vera can help you get rid of your troubles. The Aloe Vera contains components and nutrients beneficial for our gut health!
    10. Aloe Vera Can Be Used To Treat Constipation
    Aloe Vera has often been believed by older generations to fight against constipation. This is because traditional medicine believes that the Aloe Vera has tons of benefits for the digestive system, and one of these benefits is fighting constipation.
    Aloe vera gel has the ability to help the intestinal muscles contract thus resulting in a smoother and easier bowel movement. It can help constipated individuals find release from the pain and discomfort caused by the ailment.
    Key Takeaway: If you have constipation or trouble excreting your stool, the barbaloin or aloin which can be extracted from the younger leaves of the Aloe Vera can be a helpful and effective treatment.
    11 – Want Extra Energy and a Healthy Weight?
    Finally, one of the main reasons I got in to the health industry in the first place was to increase my energy levels. Lets face it, the older you get the harder it becomes to keep the weight off and to keep your energy levels up. So giving your body an extra little helping hand here and there can’t be a bad thing.
    Aloe Vera Drinking Gel has been proven to ensure a greater feeling of well-being, allowing your energy levels to increase, making you feel amazing and helping your maintain a sustainable and healthy body weight.
    So there you have it, my top 5 reasons for why I love the drinking gel. Once you’ve tried it, i’d love hear what you liked best about the Drinking Gel. Order your Gel online today and start the journey of becoming a better you!
    12. Aloe Vera Has The Potential To Prevent Breast Cancer
    Breast cancer or a type of malignant cancer that originated from the breast cells. It is one of the most common types of cancer among women patients and second most common overall. Just last 2012, 1.7 million women worldwide have contracted this deadly and scary disease.
    Aloe Vera has been said to have lessened the probability of breast cancer among people who have potential to get the disease. A study last 2013 by the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Organization.
    The researchers were able to indeed give evidence that Aloe Vera can indeed lessen the chance of breast cancer. The emodin, a purgative resin, in Aloe Vera is believed to be behind this amazing benefit.
    Key Takeaway: Breast Cancer is a scary thing to think about. However, at an early age, both women and women should already be finding ways to prevent it.Aloe Vera extract shows a potential in defending women against this cancer.
    13. The Aloe Vera Gel Can Be Used To Prevent And Cure Hair Loss
    Alopecia or hair loss is a common yet embarrassing predicament. It is most common among men who are above 40 years old, this is because of their scalps inability to handle the presence of dihydrotestosterone, or a broken down form of the testosterone.
    The Aloe Vera has been known by a lot of cultures and indigenous doctors as an effective solution against hair loss. The said benefits are so famous that a lot of multinational hair product companies have integrated Aloe Vera extracts into their products.
    A study in 2010 that was published in the International Journal of Pharmacology has shown that the application of Aloe Vera extract on the skin of their test subjects promoted the regrowth of the hair. The study showed that it only took 5 days of application for the first sign of regrowth to show up.
    Key Takeaway: If you are at starting to lose hair or already have lost some, applying pure and natural Aloe Vera can help reverse your hair loss and eventually return your scalp to is former youthful look.
    14. Aloe Vera Can Be Used To Relieve Heartburn
    Gastroesophageal reflux disease or more commonly known as GERD or Heartburn is a digestive disorder. It affects the lower esophageal sphincter, which is a muscle that connects the esophagus and the stomach.
    Gastroesophageal reflux disease can often be treated by simply having a lifestyle change or a healthier diet. However, there are cases wherein the patient needs to take in medications or surgery to cure their GERD.
    Key Takeaway: A research in 2010 showed that consuming 1 to 3 ounces of Aloe Vera Gel after mealtime could reduce the intensity of GERD or heartburn. The same research showed other digestive system benefits that the Aloe Vera has. The Aloe Vera’s low toxic levels make it a gentle and safe remedy for heartburn.
    15. Facial Application Of Aloe Vera Gel Can Prevent Acne
    The beauty benefits of Aloe Vera are endless. That is why Aloe Vera is used as an active ingredient in moisturizers, face washes, moisturizers, lotions, soaps, and many other beauty products.This is due to the Aloe Vera’s s moisturizing, and curative properties.
    The Aloe Vera is so powerful when it comes to beautifying the complexion that even the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra is believed to have used Aloe Vera as part of her daily beauty regime.
    The Aloe Vera prevents acne in different ways. One is its antibacterial properties is that it prevents bacteria from infecting the pores. Its astringent property that removes dirt and oil from the skin, and if you did have acne, Aloe Vera can help your skin regenerate better to avoid scars.
    Key Takeaway: If you want to prevent acne breakout, then apply Aloe Vera gel on your face every single day.
    16. Aloe Vera Can Be Used As A Herbal Remedy To Fight Gastric Cancer
    We all know gastric cancer as something that affects your daily digestion. This cancer originates when there are rapidly growing cancer cells in the stomach lining.
    The symptoms of such a harmful disease can be lack of appetite, pain (only when undiagnosed for a long time), and feeling bloated and full. Interestingly, treatment options for gastric cancer include aloe vera for its powerful cytotoxic properties. Aloe vera, as you already know, is a powerful and anti-carcinogenic compound.
    It has many herbal properties, including the prevention of breast cancer. So you can add this health benefit to the list too. Lastly, aloe vera plays an important role in preventing gastric ulcers, indigestion problems, and obesity.
    Key Takeaway: The herbal extracts of aloe vera show positive signs of preventing and healing of gastric cancer and inflammation.
    17. Aloe Vera Leaf Extract Helps Heal Psoriasis
    Psoriasis is characterized by dry, itchy, and sensitive patches on the skin. It is a serious immune condition increases with cell death on the surface of the skin. It is an untreatable skin condition that can be minimized, if not completely healed on the body.
    That said, aloe vera extracts also offer their own magical properties for the management of psoriasis. A clinical trial conducted on a mouse showed that the ethanolic extract of aloe vera had a 81% chance of antipsoriatic properties.
    Another controlled study found that aloe vera extracts applied on the skin show antitoxic and antipsoriatic properties in the healing of this skin condition. Aloe vera extracts have no side-effects so it can be considered a safer and more natural alternative to cure psoriasis.
    Key Takeaway: Psoriasis is characterized by the multiplying of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. This leads to dry and itchy patches on the knees, palms, elbows, etc. With the help of aloe vera extracts, you can reduce the intensity of psoriasis from becoming large, red plaques


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